Currency Exchange Edinburgh Airport

Were you aware that buying your foreign currency at Edinburgh Airport or at your destination are two of the most expensive ways to purchase it? Below we discuss the different options available to help save you time and money, plus look into the benefits of going cashless.

Cash & Cheque Benefits

Benefits of carrying foreign currency

* 0% Commission rates offered *

* Convenient Spending Method *

* Competitive Rates when ordered online *

* Home Delivery Available *

* Fixed rate upon purchase *

Cash & Cheque Drawbacks

Currency Exchange Edinburgh Airport - drawbacks of carrying foreign currency

* No section 75 purchase protection *

*Not as secure as cards *

* Traveller's cheques less convenient *

Travel Money at Edinburgh Airport

It's true that purchasing your currency at the airport can be one of the most expensive ways to do so, but not if you pre-order online, lock in those rates and collect in the airport! Currently, they don't have any currency exchange points as ICE have filed for administration so if you require travel money, it is advised that you do it before arriving at the airport. They do hope to replace these soon!

Why use a Prepaid Currency Card?

Probably the safest way to carry your travel money is on a prepaid currency card like the Money Card from Travelex. Load up to 10 available currencies onto the card to spend how you like. The money is not linked to your bank account and you can withdraw cash at any time with no ATM fees. You can also be reassured that if anything does go wrong, 24/7 assistance is on hand.

See more about Travelex and the pre-loaded Travelex Money card .

Travelex is the world's largest travel money provider, offering foreign exchange cash, Moneycards, international transfers and more.

  • Order Currency online with Post Office
  • Great rates and 0% commission
  • The more you buy, the better the rate. Minimum spend: £400. Maximum spend: £2,500 100% refund guarantee if your holiday is cancelled. T&Cs apply.
  • Over 60 currencies available as cash – order online for our best rates on every currency
  • EUR and US Dollars ready to collect in 2 hours from selected branches, with Click & Collect. All other currencies available to collect from branch the next working day when ordering before 3pm