Edinburgh Airport Parking

There are plenty of options available to you to choose from, making parking at Edinburgh Airport all the easier. Take a look below for information on short, mid and long-stay parking, as well as Valet Services.

Edinburgh Airport Long Stay Parking

One of the simplest things you can do to save money on your parking is to book it in advance! Use the widget below to compare the prices of plenty of parking options at Edinburgh Airport.

Long Stay parking is ideal if you’re heading off for more than a few days. Why not use the form above to compare several parking providers, to run a quote and see how much you can save on the drive up costs? To give you an idea, below are the drive up costs of the long-stay parking if you opt for Edinburgh Airport branded parking.

Duration Turn up Prices
30 minutes Free
1 hour £7.00
3 hours £16.50
24 hours £40.00
2 days £75.00
3 days £95.00
7 days £154.00
Any day thereafter £22.00
Long stay parking

Plane Parking at Edinburgh Airport

Plane Parking is the budget option available to you at Edinburgh, offering, mid and long term parking rates. The car park is on-site and is about a 5-minute walk to the terminal. It has Park Mark accreditation so you can be assured that it’ll be safe whilst you enjoy your holiday.

plane parking
Duration Turn up Prices
1 hour £7.00
3 hours £16.50
24 hours £40.00
2 days £75.00
3 days £95.00
4 days £120.00
5 days £140.00
6 days £150.00
7 days £154.00
8 days £176.00
Any day thereafter £22.00

Mid Stay Parking at Edinburgh Airport

Mid-stay can be the perfect option if you don’t want to pay too much yet a parking option that is still nearby. It is only a 5-minute walk from the terminal so you won’t have to walk far either.
Duration Turn up Prices
30 minutes Free
1 hour £12.00
3 hours £18.00
24 hours £50.00
2 days £90.00
3 days £110.00
7 days £210.00
Any day thereafter £30.00
Mid stay parking

Multi-Storey at Edinburgh Airport

The multi-storey car park is the closest car park to the terminal building. The car park even has a bridge that leads to the security hall so you’ll be at the departure area before you know it!

multi-storey parking
Duration Turn up Prices
3 hours £20.00
3-7 hour £22.00
7-10 hours £32.00
10-24 hours £70.00
2 days £130.00
3 days £150.00
4 days £180.00
Any day thereafter £45.00

Terminal Parking at Edinburgh Airport

After multi-storey, this is the closest car park to the terminal as it’s only a 2-minute walk from the terminal. It’s the perfect car park to use whether you want to stay for just 10 minutes or 5 days!
Duration Turn up Prices
10 minutes £4.00
15 minutes £5.00
30 minutes £9.00
1 hour £12.00
3 hours £16.00
7 hours £18.00
10 hours £30.00
24 hours £60.00
2 days £110.00
3 days £140.00
Any day thereafter £35.00
terminal parking

Disabled Parking at Edinburgh Airport

There are blue badge holder parking bays in all car parks. Should you wish to take your badge away with you, please first present it to a car park official so they can validate your parking. If you wish to use the Drop Off area, you will be given an hour free use; this also applies to a vehicle dropping off a blue badge holder. Please speak to the advisor on the intercom when you arrive/depart.

Should a disabled driver be using the drop-off or pick-up areas, please note that this is free for 1 hour

Drop-off and Pick-up charges at Edinburgh Airport

Conveniently located opposite the terminal, you’ll find dedicated drop-off and pick-up areas on the Ground level of the multi-storey car park.
Edinburgh Airport Drop Off
Duration Cost
0-10 mins £4.00
10-20 mins £8.00
15-30 mins £15.00
30-60 mins £30.00
Thereafter £15.00 per hour
Edinburgh Airport Picking Up
Duration Cost
0-10 mins £4.00
10-15 mins £5.00
15-30 mins £9.00
30-60 mins £12.00
1-3 hours £18.00
Thereafter Charged at Terminal rate
Click for info on drop-off and pick-up locations and costs at Edinburgh Airport
Both car Parks: Entry and Exit are barrier controlled, with a max stay of 2 hours. Vehicles including cars, motorbikes and minibuses are allowed and payment can be made via cash or card. As stated above, Blue Badge holders get 1 hour free in both zones.

Edinburgh Airport Valet Parking

From just £52.99 for three days parking, you can enjoy the luxury of dropping your car off with a dedicated chauffeur, who will park your vehicle for you and have it ready and waiting for you on your return. What’s more, you’ll be a mere 1-minute walk to the terminal; perfect! Compare prices for Valet Parking at Edinburgh Airport here.