Edinburgh Airport Children's Facilities

Toilets and baby care

Baby care facilities are located next to the toilets in the arrival hall and the departure lounge. There are also unisex toilets before and after security control, which are suitable for parents with young children.


All restaurants in the airport welcome children; and most, both before and after the security checks, have special children's menus. The food village, located on the first floor before security, has a Burger King which serves fast food and children's meals.


There are a number of shops selling goods which will serve to amuse children. WH Smiths sells a range of books, comics, magazines, confectionery and toys and games. The airport has its own branch of the famous Jenner's departmental store, which sells soft toys and some games; Thorntons, which sells quality chocolates; and Books etc, which stocks children's books. Slightly older children may enjoy Impulse, which sells the latest CDs and DVDs.

Travelling with Children

If you plan on travelling with children then you will need to provide things for them to do while you wait for your flight. Books and interactive games are great tools to keep children quiet and entertained. For more ideas read this Flying with Babies and Toddlers Guide.

Should you require to hire a car whilst in the UK, please visit the Department for Transport website for more details on child seat laws in the UK.

Use Edinburgh Airports Children's Facilities to make your journey through the airport easier with your little one

Booking Tickets for Your Baby or Toddler

Will your child turn 2 years old in between your outbound and inbound journey? You might be able to hold your child on your lap on your outbound flight, usually for free, but if they are over 24 months old on your return flight legally they will have to be travelling in an individual seat.

Airlines use different terms to define children by age. For example, British Airways say an infant is 0-23 months old, and a child is from 2 to 11 years old. When you are making an online booking, do not just assume that if the infant will be sitting on your lap, they won’t need a ticket. Make sure you add them to your reservation. Once they reach 2 years old they will require a seat of their own.

Airlines also have rules regarding the age of newborn babies that are allowed to fly. Usually the baby should be at least 48 hours old before they can fly. You may need to check with your airline if the infant you want to travel with is not yet born but you wish to make a booking for yourself.