Airport Parking at Edinburgh Airport

There are a number of parking options available if you choose to drive to Edinburgh Airport. From long and short stay, to fast-track and drive up and park options available, there is sure to be an option suitable for everyones' needs. Below we have given you an overview of the various choice you have to help you decide what to go for - (and save you some money!)

How much is parking at Edinburgh Airport?

As with most services, pre booked parking, be it short or long stay, will generally be a lot cheaper than the drive up prices. Pre booked parking at Edinburgh can cost as little as £6.77 a day!

However, if you prefer to drive up and park on the day, we have detailed the costs you can expect to pay at Edinburgh Airport. Prices are effective from February 2016.

Short Stay Parking at Edinburgh Airport

There are two Short Stay car park options within easy walking distance of the terminal building. Choose to either park on the terminal surface, or in the 2000+ space multi storey. Both are ideal for those wanting to stay for up to a few hours. Prices are detailed below.

Short Stay Parking at Edinburgh Airport

DurationTerminal SurfaceMulti Storey
First 15 mins£3.50N/A
15 - 30 mins£5.30N/A
30 - 60 mins£7.90N/A
1 - 3 Hours£11.50N/A
3 - 7 Hours£12.50£12.90 - 3 hour minimum stay
7 - 10 Hours£24£26
10 - 24 Hours£39£48
Up to 2 days£77£91.50
Up to 3 days£115£135
Up to 4 days£141£180
Up to 5 days£150 with a £30 charge per day over 5A £40 charge per day over 4 days

The multi storey car park features a fastTRACK bridge, which allows fast-track access through security for passengers travelling with just hand luggage, have already checked in and are in possession of their boarding passes (Paper or electronic) .

Long Stay Parking at Edinburgh Airport

There is one on-airport long stay car park, and there are several off-site long-stay car parks, all offering regular courtesy transfer buses to the airport terminal.  To ensure smooth connections, it's recommended that you allow ample time for transfers from the car park to the terminal building. It is possible to turn up for long-stay parking on the day, but it is advisable that you book in advance via Airport Parking Shop.

If you choose to drive up and park on the day, the prices are detailed below;

Long Stay Parking at Edinburgh Airport

0 - 10 minsFree
10 - 30 mins£3.90
30 - 60 mins£4.50
1 - 24 Hours£29
2 Days£50
3 Days£60
4 Days£80
5 Days£90
6 Days£108
7 Days£100
8 Days£110
Days thereafter£10 per day

Pick Up Zone

On the ground floor of the multi storey car park, you'll find a dedicated Pick Up Zone, and we have detailed the charges below for you. You can also pick up / drop off for free in the long stay car park, as long as your stay doesn't exceed 10 mins (the charges as detailed in the above table will apply)

Drop off / Pick Up Zones at Edinburgh Airport

First 15 mins£3.90
15 - 30 mins£5.30
30 - 60 mins£7.90

Valet Parking at Edinburgh Airport

If you'd rather not have to transfer from the car park to the terminal, you may wish to choose the Meet and Greet valet parking service. The valet parking service involves a chauffeur meeting you at a pre-arranged time at your departure terminal and parking the car for you in a secure compound. Upon your return, the car will be delivered to you at the terminal.
Valet parking is offered by Park and Fly Meet & Greet and Secure airparks Meet and Greet.

Tel: +44 (0)870 727 6727

Parking at Airport Hotels

It's also worth noting that sometimes getting an airport hotel with parking included can work out to the same price (or cheaper) as parking alone, and is often far more convenient if you've got an early flight. Airport Hotel Shop compares all the top hotel providers to get the cheapest prices, often saving up to 60%. At Edinburgh there are 5 airport hotels to choose from.