Travel Money at Edinburgh Airport

How do you exchange your foreign currency before you jet off? Would you take your cash to The Post Office, into a local Travel Agent or panic buy it at the airport? Or perhaps you ditch the cash and opt for a prepaid card instead? With so many options available to us now, knowing where to get the best deal can be tricky.

Travel Money at Edinburgh Airport

It’s true that purchasing your currency at the airport can be one of the most expensive ways to do so, but not if you pre order online, lock in those rates and collect in the airport!
ICE offer this service in 4 of the 6 branches they have located throughout the terminal. Simply state which desk you want to collect from and away you go.


Why use a Prepaid Currency Card?

Probably the safest way to carry your travel money is on a prepaid currency card like the Money Card from Travelex. Load up to 10 available currencies onto the card to spend how you like. The money is not linked to your bank account and you can withdraw cash at anytime with no ATM fees. You can also be reassured that if anything does go wrong, 24/7 assistance is on hand.

Credit and Debit Cards

You are quite able to use your own debit or credit cards whilst abroad, but you’ll need to be aware of any charges you may incur, plus paying an inflated, bank set exchange rate.

Home Delivery

If you’re organised enough to sort your currency out well in advance, why not make use of a home delivery service? Simply order your currency online and opt to have it sent to your home or office. Simple!