Three new Ryanair flights from Edinburgh

is increasing its presence at Edinburgh Airport by introducing three new flights. From May 2010, passengers will now be able to choose to travel to Faro in Portugal, Marrakesh in Morocco and Paris when they jet away on holiday from the Scottish transport hub.

Ryanair currently operates 35 routes from Edinburgh Airport, so the addition of the three new routes will send its total number up to 38. This is some increase on the situation only a few years ago: back in 2007 it was only operating two routes from the airport.

As well as the extra three routes, Ryanair is also going to introduce extra flights on 11 more of its existing routes. As a result of the extra flights and the extra routes, Ryanair’s traffic at the airport is soon expected to reach the 2.5 million-per-year mark. This means that Ryanair will be carrying a quarter of the total number of passengers passing through the airport.

The new route to Marrakesh is especially important for both Ryanair and Edinburgh Airport because it is the first direct flight to the Moroccan city to operate out of Scotland. Now travellers could find themselves going from the heart of Scotland to the Sahara desert in a matter of hours.

Morocco is sure to prove a popular destination because it is not much further to travel than Spain but provides travellers with a taste of Africa that is quite different from anything found in Europe.

The managing director of Edinburgh Airport, Gordon Dewar, said that they were “delighted” Ryanair had chosen them for the expansion, adding that the new routes and increased flight frequency make Edinburgh “better connected than ever before."

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