Thousands evacuated at Edinburgh airport after suspicious baggage found in toilets

If you were the absent minded person guilty of leaving a piece of luggage unattended in the ladies’ toilets at Edinburgh airport last week, you may well want to think twice before confessing to the fact.

The said suitcase was the cause of a full security alert which led to the check-in and security areas being closed, flights being seriously delayed and thousands of passengers being evacuated from the terminal building, whilst a bomb disposal team blew up the case which was discovered to have nothing suspicious inside it.

The evacuation happened last Monday afternoon (6 July 2009) just after the Easyjet flight to Amsterdam had taken off. By 5pm the airport had reopened although passengers were warned to expect delays whilst the backlog of flights was dealt with. Amongst those facing serious delays were the Heart of Midlothian football team, due to fly out to Germany for training and a friendly match.

Only last month there were other dramatic scenes at the airport when a Loganair flight to the Isle of Man had to be abandoned and passengers evacuated from the aircraft, after smoke was seen coming from one of the engines, just minutes before the plane was due to take off.

This followed a previous incident when an Air France aircraft experienced problems on the runway which, given the recent Air France tragedy over the Atlantic which killed 228 people, left passengers on the Edinburgh flight badly shaken.

Edinburgh airport has recently recorded its busiest ever day with 35,899 passengers passing through the airport.

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