This dazzling 3D artwork will be on display at Edinburgh Airport for the next two weeks

Auchentonshan, a Scotland based whiskey distillery, recently unveiled pieces of remarkable 3D artwork at Edinburgh Airport to launch their new urban malts.

The eye-catching exhibits combine “both iconic landmarks around the world such as the Shard & Golden Gate Bridge” with a centered giant bottle of Auchentoshan dark oak whiskey.

The Scottish Distillery unveiled the amazing pieces created by 3D artists Joe and Max who were behind the artwork which will be open for 2 weeks until October 14th.

Artist Joe Hill from graphic design partnership 3D Joe and Max said: “Auchentoshan is a brand that celebrates urban living so it was a thrill to be able to create a piece of art which is a homage to the city life. I hope visitors enjoy interacting with the piece and being immersed in this eclectic city which offers something for everyone.”
Auchentoshan Springwood and Auchentoshan Heartwood have recently been discontinued and are to be replaced by American Oak Reserve and Dark Oak. The exclusive Auchentoshan Blood Oak will maintain its place within the range.
Ed Stening, Marketing Director of Beam Suntory Global Travel Retail, said: “This artwork perfectly encapsulates what makes Auchentoshan special and invites visitors to share their love of the city, while they share our Urban Malt.
“Auchentoshan is a brand with so much rich city heritage and brave attitude, so it’s really exciting to see this brought to life through amazing art as a way to celebrate the latest expressions from this iconic distillery.”

Edinburgh Airport Artwork

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