Scotland’s emissions targets threatened by rise in air travel

Ministers at the Scottish Parliament could find that their ambitious target for reducing emissions affecting climate change by 80% by 2050, is going to be impossible to meet. The increasing popularity of Scotland’s airports has resulted in some 25 million people flying out from them each year. Current predictions show that this number is set to increase to 30 million in the next two years, 50 million by 2030 and 120 million by 2050, leading to fears that aviation emissions could exceed emissions from all other sources such as industry, agriculture and motor vehicles.

The World Development Movement has said that Scotland owes it to the world’s poorer nations, who are already suffering the catastrophic results of climate change, to make the bill work. However, it is not only those far from home who are feeling the effects. It is estimated that 77,000 homes in Scotland will be prone to flooding if reductions are not made.

Meanwhile, the Green Party has lashed out at plans for the expansion of Edinburgh’s airport, currently Scotland’s favourite departure point. This year alone, 27 new services have been introduced and passenger numbers have risen to over 9 million, nearly a 5% increase from the previous year. The expansion plans have infuriated the Edinburgh Green Group, with one councillor accusing Jenny Dawe and the SNP of “living in two parallel worlds” where climate change and reducing emissions matter but where airport expansion is seen as an excellent thing.

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