New trees at Edinburgh Airport

It was announced a few days ago that Stagecoach Bus Company has made a pledge to plant 140,000 new trees along one of its bus routes, as a way of offsetting carbon emissions. The scheme proposes to save 21,500 tonnes in Carbon Dioxide emissions given off by Stagecoach buses each year along the Fife-Edinburgh route. Over the next five years the trees (a mixture of conifer, broadleaf and native woodlands) will be planted along various stages of the route, including Edinburgh airport, where they will be seen by the five million passengers who pass through the airport annually. More trees will be planted at the Gyle shopping centre, Edinburgh Park, Riccarton, Granton and Leith, covering a total area of 60 hectares, the amount needed to absorb the carbon emissions produced by the buses until 2013. Speaking about the plans, Brian Souter, Stagecoach Group Chief Executive, said: “This is an extremely exciting initiative, which is setting the standard for greener, smarter bus travel and helping our customers reduce their own carbon footprint.”

The initiative comes after a recent research conducted at the airport revealed that more air pollution had been found around the car parks and approach roads of the airport than around the main airfield itself. The new plans have been welcomed by environmental activists who, in March this year, also welcomed a new carbon friendly car parking service at the airport (for more information about car parking at Edinburgh airport please visit our Airport Parking Shop). The project works to ensure that all emissions given out from secure parking at the airport and transfer buses are offset by investments in environmental projects set up by the World Land Trust.

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