New hotel to serve Edinburgh Airport

Planning permission has recently been granted for much needed accommodation to be developed near Edinburgh Airport. Edinburgh councillors gave the go-ahead last week for a £4.5 million development to be built on a site facing Glasgow Road. It will help to meet the increasing demand for hotel rooms close to the airport. The 97-bed project had already been approved by planning officials, who had praised its potential to provide new jobs and boost the economy of the local area. The hotel will be situated just five minutes from the airport, and will target the growing number of business travellers and visitors who use the airport as a gateway to Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland. The hotel will be based on a high quality contemporary design and will be constructed from stone, render, zinc and glass. A three-storey office building of a similar design will be built next door to the hotel.

Now that the plans have been passed, the developers, Ratho ParkVentures, are looking to set up a partnership deal with a major hotel chain and it is hoped that the hotel will be open for business at the end of next year. The multi million pound hotel is the third in a series of recently submitted plans to provide new accommodation for the airport. It follows hot on the heels of the Quality Hotel and the Hilton Hotel building projects. According to Alan Henderson, a recent study has indicated that there is a shortage of hotel accommodation in the West side of the city where the airport is situated. It has been estimated that an extra 550 rooms are needed by 2010 and up to a thousand on top of that by 2013 to cope with the growing number of travellers passing through the airport.

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