Jet2 adds summer 2011 routes

Budget airline, Jet2, has added six new routes out of Edinburgh Airport for the 2011 summer season. The routes, which include flights to the Croatian coast and the Czech Republic, among others, will begin in May.

Jet2 has made a name for itself over the past few months, for flying anything but regular travellers. The carrier rescued a pride of lions from Romania in February, becoming a budget ‘air-lion’ in the process, and a host of celebrities during the recent ash crisis, including Prince William and Damon Hill.

Biggles, a wounded racing pigeon, also found its way on to one of the carrier’s planes, after it landed in the back garden of Captain Mike Smith, a Jet2 pilot. The pigeon’s owner, Steve Girdwood, was ‘overjoyed’ to have his bird returned – ‘Biggles is one of my fastest birds. The wee fella did well to choose a pilot’s garden to land in.’

The good news is that Jet2 continues to cater for humans and ordinary mortals, and the airline’s new routes should help Edinburgh Airport make the most of the school holidays, which have already begun for Scottish schools.

Jet2’s latest flights begin at £29.99 for a one-way trip, taxes included. The routes are: Venice and Sardinia in Italy, La Rochelle and Toulouse, France, the historic city of Prague in the Czech Republic, and coastal Dubrovnik, Croatia. The airline now has twelve routes from the Scottish capital, all of which are to Europe.

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