Iceland Express plans homeland flights

If your lust for snow and ice hasn’t been satiated by the recent widespread snow flurries, then North Atlantic airline, Iceland Express, has a surprise for you. The carrier will begin flying from Edinburgh Airport to the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik, from June 14th 2011. The route will encompass the airline’s first UK destination outside London.

Reykjavik, in western Iceland, is not only one of the hardest words to type on a keyboard, but an increasingly popular destination for British travellers, despite the island’s famously high prices. Iceland Express’s new route is the second UK-Iceland flight to be announced this year, after rival airline, Icelandair, began running flights from Manchester Airport to the island republic during November.

Ironically, despite the expansions by the two carriers, Iceland is perhaps better known amongst airline bosses as the worst thing to happen to aviation in decades, after resident volcano, Eyjafjallajokull, closed much of Europe’s airspace back in April of this year. However, the mountain, and its associated glaciers, is likely to be a huge draw for holidaymakers, providing of course that it doesn’t explode.

Iceland Express will also link Reykjavik to Belfast, via Edinburgh, and to Dublin in the Irish Republic. The airline, alongside Icelandair, provides flights to the United States from Reykjavik Keflavik Airport, opening up destinations such as New York and Chicago to passengers travelling from Scotland and Ireland.

Edinburgh-Reykjavik will operate twice a week until August 30th 2011. Matthias Imsland, CEO at Iceland Express, was convinced that his airline’s new route is unique, stating: “No other airline offers direct flights between these destinations and Reykjavik. We are delighted to fill this gap".

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