Holiday Jet aborts landing

Three hundred holidaymakers were left shaken and scared a few days ago, after the pilot on a Boeing 737-700 was forced to make two aborted landings at Edinburgh airport. The ‘flyglobespan’ plane, on a return journey from Lanzarote, was pulled back twice from landing because the pilot’s visibility was poor and the runway lacked a guiding system. The airport is currently using a secondary strip for night-time landings, whilst the main runway is being resurfaced, and lacks the landing system which most runways use to give lighting and radio guidance to descending aircraft.

After aborting the landing for the second time, the pilot flew the plane to Glasgow airport where it was able to land without a hitch, and buses took passengers back to Edinburgh. However, by the time the plane did manage to land many of its passengers were severely shaken. According to a 61 year old passenger, Rosie Blackley, “As we descended I could see the runway lights, then, all of a sudden, the pilot pulled up. We were practically vertical… five minutes later he went down and then shot back again.” Rosie’s husband Harry said, “We were left a bunch of nervous wrecks. There were a lot of upset people.”

A ‘flyglobespan’ spokeswoman apologised to the travellers for the inconvenience of the aborted landings but added, “Safety is always our primary concern.” A representative for BAA (who operate Edinburgh airport) also apologised, assuring the public that the secondary runway has not been a big problem with few planes flying in to the airport at night. Renovations on the main runway are expected to be finished by November.

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