Edinburgh runway finished ahead of schedule

Last week, the busiest airport in Scotland announced some very impressive news: Edinburgh Airport’s main runway has been resurfaced and generally upgraded ahead of schedule. The project, which cost millions of pounds to complete, began earlier this year in April and was due to be completed at the end of this month. However, the project ran so smoothly that its final stages were completed last week.

The main runway at the popular airport handles approximately 115,000 flights each year and it has been revamped for the first time since the early 1990s. Workers employed by the project were kept extremely busy during the long summer and autumn nights, laying thousands of tonnes of asphalt, with flights being relocated to the second runway at the airport during this time.

As well as laying the asphalt, workers were responsible for replacing over one thousand lights on the runway. These improvements will extend the life of the runway for another fifteen or so years. The managing director of the airport, Gordon Dewar, believes that the “complex and challenging project” has been a success and he revealed his delight at the work being completed “on time and on budget”.

Dewar was also keen to thank the residents of south and west Edinburgh for their patience. The flights which were switched to the second runway resulted in different areas of the city being affected by annoying aircraft noise. Although the airport made “every effort to minimise disruption”, he was aware of the potential for annoyance and thanked the residents for their understanding.

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