Edinburgh performs well as other Scottish airports flounder

Edinburgh Airport has been bucking the trend to show increased passenger numbers during July. This is the fourth consecutive month that numbers have been rising, showing how popular the airport continues to be compared to its competition. It was, however, a different story for Aberdeen and Glasgow airports, both of which saw traffic fall sharply.

Whereas Aberdeen saw a 9% drop in passenger numbers when compared to the same time last year, and Glasgow witnessed a 12.9% fall, Edinburgh went against the grain to see a 5.6% rise.

Overall, BAA’s airports witnessed a 4.6% drop in passenger numbers, with just over 2 million people using the airports. However, a spokesman for BAA said that it still represented a “substantial number of travellers”.

BAA Scotland also announced that, despite the falls across the board, there were now signs of stabilisation, as July’s drop was the smallest such drop since January.

The recession has had a huge effect on the troubled aviation industry, which has seen passenger numbers drop significantly as people try to save money on their holidays. But it seemed that some people were simply not willing to give up their annual holiday away in the sun, which could account for the latest figures.

Edinburgh’s performance was one of the best in the country, with Heathrow only posting a 0.9% growth during July and Stansted and Gatwick also posting falls. Overall, passenger numbers across all BAA airports were down 2.4% compared to last year.

The deputy chief executive at Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, Graham Birse, was pleased with the figures, stating that any rumours of problems within the financial sector of the city had been “grossly exaggerated”.

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