Edinburgh Airport is set for busiest year ever

Both Edinburgh and Glasgow airports have seen a significant rise in passengers in the recent months. This is said to be due to more international routes being added from both of the airports. The figures suggest that Edinburgh will go on to have its busiest year ever on record, whereas Glasgow will have its best year since 2008.

Gordon Dewar, the Chief Executive at Edinburgh airport told BBC News "These exceptionally strong figures represent our busiest-ever November… a quiet month in air travel – on a par with what many other regional airports do at the peak of summer.”

The figures released by the airport state that the airport in Scotland’s capital city saw 794,792 passengers in November alone. At Glasgow airport, they welcomed 618,583 passengers through their doors, which is a 7.7% annual increase.

So, how have they achieved it? They certainly have been striving for passenger satisfaction. They have been offering plenty of new international routes, as well as national ones and on top of that have been trying to improve the experience for the customers. By doing this, they are not only adding to the airport’s economic growth, but the economic growth of Scotland as a whole. Edinburgh enters its 50th Anniversary year in 2016, which they are looking forward to entering on a high.

Glasgow is also working hard to improve upon their successes. Glasgow’s managing director Amanda McMillan said she hopes there will be further new routes added before the end of the year, making Glasgow airport the place to fly to, and making Scotland the place to visit!

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