Edinburgh airport flies high

There’s a bit of a seesaw effect going on in the world of airports in the UK. When one goes up the others go down. When Heathrow goes down Gatwick goes up and now the latest airport to join Gatwick is Edinburgh, which this year has been going up and up and through the roof.

The Scottish capital’s airport has seen a 1.5% increase in passengers coming through its doors, which might not seem like the biggest leap forward in the world but the key figure is the record number of passengers in June 2008, which reached 859,000.

So why is this? Well a lot more Scots are travelling to popular holiday destinations such as Alicante and Malaga and also to destinations in France, Italy and Eastern Europe. Gone are the days of people driving down south to get flights abroad from the big London airports when they can use their regional airport. It’s not only Edinburgh either that is going up and up. Glasgow and Aberdeen airports, together with Edinburgh, have seen the total number of passengers in March 2008 reach 11.6 million people.

It does come as a slight surprise to the tourism industry but The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) have been keen to stress that the credit crunch is not affecting people’s decisions to holiday abroad as much as we might have thought. It might be that people, such as those using Edinburgh airport, want to escape from the financial burdens here in the UK this year more than any time.

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