Edinburgh Airport, fastest growing airport in the UK

New research shows that Edinburgh Airport is officially the fastest growing airport in the UK, when looking at passenger numbers travelling internationally.

From 2015-2016, the airport saw a 21% growth in international passenger numbers, which helped catapult it towards the leading position in the Civil Aviation Authority’s table of UK airports.

Thanks to the recent expansion, which includes 200 new routes, Edinburgh Airport’s Chief Executive Gordon Dewar, said: “This expansion of routes in and out of Edinburgh Airport generates more growth for Scotland’s economy and creates work and leisure opportunities for people and businesses. “We have a healthy equilibrium of inbound and outbound passengers with the most balanced mix of any UK airport outside London. “The blend of increasing long haul routes, the enhanced choice to destinations across Europe and an unrivalled range of services to London and domestic locations has proved to be a winning combination. “This growth reinforces the strength and appeal of Edinburgh as a destination and the global draw of Scotland, giving us greater confidence as we look to the future.”

Further plans emerged in November, highlighting Edinburgh’s plans for a second runway as well as expansion to building facilities. Airport bosses claimed that the original & rarely-used second runway in place at the moment would be closed for temporary work to expand facilities to allow for an increase in passenger use.

The Airport saw 11,114,587 passenger pass through their facilities in 2015, with its busiest domestic and international routes being Heathrow, Stansted, Amsterdam and Dublin. Hopefully the changes to facilities, combined with the new passenger routes will bring an even greater level of passengers to the site in 2017!

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