Edi The Edinburgh Airport Mascot!

Edi The Edinburgh Airport Mascot!

Make sure you keep an eye out for the new Terminal mascot greeting passengers at Edinburgh Airport this Summer!
Edi the pilot is here to help parents and kids with their luggage as they navigate the halls and pass through security. Additional staff will also be on hand to assist Edi helping families with extra baggage and buggies or, provide more time for families with kids under the age of 12.
The airport website has been updated with extra information regarding their new addition and Edi will be on hand to pass out leaflets. Edi will also be on hand to keep the kids entertained at various times throughout the summer as well. Edi’s implementation comes at a great time as Edinburgh Airport had its busiest May on record with a rise in passenger numbers.
David Feltham, director of passenger experience at Edinburgh Airport said: “There’s always an exciting buzz around the airport but it really picks up in the summer months when we see schools breaking-up and families heading off on holiday together.
“We love being able to facilitate that excitement and help them on their way to a fun time in the sun!
“We’ve improved our overall family offering as we know the journey through the airport can be quite a task as they ensure the kids are prepared and juggle buggies, passports and bags as well.

“The changes we’ve made provide as much information as we can, so families are as prepared as possible, and the Family Lane offers that little bit more time to make sure everyone is ready.
“We’ve also introduced Edi the Pilot as our mascot which brings a bit of fun to the process and keeps the kids entertained and allows the bigger kids get the passports and documents sorted!
“We want everyone to start their holiday off in the best way possible as it’s a big day for all of our passengers.”

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