Living Near Edinburgh Airport

Like most airports, Edinburgh is constantly looking to expand and develop to accommodate ever-increasing passenger demands. Whilst serving an essential purpose in facilitating domestic travel, this understandably causes some concern for the local residents. Edinburgh Airport is currently looking at ways in which it can expand, with the ultimate aim of seeing 26 million passengers per year by the year 2030.
Obviously, this will include significant terminal expansions, with more check-in desks and general facilities to make the journey through the airport comfortable and pleasurable for all passengers. The airport council is currently performing in-depth research into the opinions and ideas of the local community to ensure that everyone is happy with the development.

The development plan includes considerations for the environmental impact of the expansion, aiming to minimise damage to the surrounding area. Development of the airport’s facilities will provide up to 10,000 new jobs for local people, as well as helping Edinburgh’s already thriving tourist industry to grow further.

Living near Edinburgh Airport
Expanding the airport further is sure to have positive effects on the local economy and increase local employment opportunities, wouldn’t you agree?